Bread Toast Cat & Dog Bed Mat Soft Fleece Cushion Detachable

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1. The shell design of this bed looks like a real piece of bread.

2. The edges of the bed are light brown and speckled.

3. The main body of the pillow is light brown, including all the corners and crevices on a piece of bread.


1. Thanks to the detachable outer casing, this bed is easy to wash - there is no stinky toast in your house!

2. Made with love: high quality cats bed This is the perfect gift for beloved cats and pet lovers.

3. Wear-resistant, non-fading, high-quality elastic sponge + crystal super soft fabric. Soft and comfortable sponge material, no odor.

4. The cover is detachable for easy cleaning.

5. Provide a comfortable bed for your cats.


Brand Name: pupilove
Type: Cats
Material: 100% Cotton
Status: All in Stock
Quantity : 1pc
Material: Wool Cotton, Sponge
Size: about 40*39*7cm
Function: Pet Bed
Occasion: Home
Type : Pet Cushion