50 pcs Wholesale Plastic Chicken glasses Anti-pecking Poultry equipment

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1. No bolt chicken glasses, an imported special material that can be reused for life.

2. The unique design of the structure, wearing a simple non-shedding; patented clip-wear, eyewear emboli by avoiding chicken from the chicken through the nostrils, so the chicken nostrils zero injuries when worn without bloodshed.

3. The drop-in lens design, more science, better anti-peck effect. With the dual-beam design improvements, the lens does not rotate. 5. net pheasant feeding places, not hanging in the wire-line breeding.

Brand Name: Talk-Satisfied
Type: Farm Animals
Material: Plastic
Farm Animals Type: Chicken
Model Number: Chicken Glasses
Name: Chicken Glasses
Color: Yellow
Application: Chicken, pheasant
Packaging: 50 pcs
Weight: 0.5g