Adeeing Bubble Disk/Air Stone Aerator for Aquarium Fish Tank

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Item Type: Bubble Disk Role

Description: Connect to the air pump and put it in water to help the air pump oxygen into the water.

Material: Sand

Weight: 4CM: 32G, 8cm: 141G, 10CM: 248g

Scope of application: The general diameter of the short column gas stone is 4mm; the diameter of the 6CM and above gas disk is 4mm 8mm. Matters needing attention: Must connect to the air pump for the air bubble.


Eco-friendly material

Prevent water flow backward

Easy to install

Package includes: 1 * Bubble Disk

Brand Name: Adeeing
Tube Calibre: 0.5 cm
Model Number: Air Pump
Material: Plastic
Type: fish
Aquarium Accessories: Aquarium Air Pump
Air Pump: Air Pump Aquarium