Dog & Cat Anti Flea Remedy Neck Strap

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Not suitable for kittens and ailing pets. Please keep 1-2 cm spaces for your pet to make it feel comfortable. If it feels uncomfortable, please loose or remove the collar immediately. When taking a bath for your pet, you can remove the collar. Tie the collar around it again when the hair becomes dry. Please keep children away from the collar in case they eat and swallow it. The collar will be smelly when first use, but it will fade away after a day or two.

Brand Name: Let’s Pet

Type: Cats

Color: Pink

Quantity: 1Pc

Material: Rubber

Features: Adjustable, Soft, Pet Health Length: 27cm/10.63" (Approx.)

Notes: The validity is 100 days after the package is torn. Please do not tear it if not use immediately, in order to prolong the duration of validity.