Aquarium Plant Seeds Water Aquatic Green Water Grass Decoration Easy Planting Fish Tank Landscape Ornament

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Description: It makes an excellent foreground aquarium plant. It is easy to care for and the seeds grow quickly. The seeds are small, so just one order can fill a large area within the aquarium. Buying these plants in seed form is one of the best deals for having live plants in your tank. Creates lush green patches, helping to create a more natural environment for your aquatic life. Once sprouted, it grows very quickly. 

Type: fish
Weight: 19g
Aquariums Type: Aquariums
Volume: 1L
Material: Seeds
Model Number: Aquarium Plant Seeds
Feature: Water Grass Seeds
Feature 1: mini leaf, big leaf, mini hairy, big hairy
Feature 2: made of seed
Feature 3: Fish Tank Aquarium Plant Seeds
Feature 4: Water Grass Decoration seeds
Feature 5: Aquarium Plants Seeds
Feature 6: Aquarium fish tank decoration
Feature 7: Aquatic Water Grass Seeds
Feature 8: Fish Tank Landscape Ornament grass seeds
Feature 9: Easy to grow, no need of CO2, nor strong light