Attractive Pulling Leash for Pet Dog (Harness Running & Jogging)

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Adjustable waist belt, handsfree, a durable leash for medium and big dogs. The perfect way to enjoy a hike or walk with your lovable companion. Designed to stay out of the way using an innovative design that ensures safety. Convenience and comfort of you and your pet. Since it involves physical attachment, it invokes a strong bond between you and your pet. The 360-degree rotating action of the leash-collar connection prevents twists for maximum convenience.

Type: Dog

Traction Rope Material: Nylon

Features: Durable, Attaches Easily, Adjustable, Hands Free

Width: 2.5cm/0.98 (Approx.) Waist: 58cm - 100cm/22.83 - 39.37 (Approx.)

Traction Rope Length: 78cm - 140cm/30.71 - 55.12 (Approx.)

Connection Rope Length: 16cm/6.30 (Approx.)

Brand Name: None
Material: nylon
Model Number: G3615-29