Cat Plastic Toilet (Litter Tray Box) Training Kit

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This product can effectively train your pet to the toilet itself. Save cost. To prevent bacterial growth, make the home environment cleaner and hygienic. The material is healthy and nontoxic, and the quality of the material is thick.

Usage method:

1. Start:

(1) Place a cat litter box in your toilet to allow your cat to adjust to the new toilet.

(2) take away the litter box, replace it with the toilet bowl of the cat's toilet, and pour the cat litter into the toilet.

2. Process:

(1) Remove the innermost lap on the main blue tray, so that the cat can adjust to it for some time.

(2) remove second circles on the main blue tray, allowing the cat to adjust for a period of time, thus gradually reducing the inner ring of the trainer. 3. Success: training cat successfully on the toilet.

Brand Name: None
Type: Cats
Material: plastic
color:: blue
Type: cat toilet pad
Type2: Cat tray
Type3: Pet toilet
Type4: Cat training toilet pad
Type5: Cat toilet training device
Size: 40 * 40 * 3.5cm
Product weight:: 1146.50g