Cat & Dogs Electric Shaving Hair Clipper / Hair Trimmer / Cutter

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Why do pets need to trim local foot fur? Some dogs grow a lot of fur between the pads of their paws, they slip easily on wood floors and tend to try to dig in with their claws to fix their bodies. Do this for a long time can even deform the paw or curve around.

Why do pets need to trim local ear fur? Dogs with long hanging ears need more grooming in this area the ears more than the ears that stand straight up, like Poodles, Bichon Frise, Lhasa Apsos, and Shih Tzus tend to have a lot of hair in their ears. Because the more hair in your dog's ears, the damper it is inside them. And with dampness comes the risk of ear infection.

Buy this high-quality Shaving Hair Clipper for your pets!

Brand Name: IDEPET
Item Type: Electric Clippers & Blades
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Cats
Voltage: 110-240V
Charging Time: 6 Hour
Name: Pet clippers grooming trimmer
Pattern: For Animals
Classification: pet products
Function: Reduce shedding
Utility: Pet Grooming Tools