Pet Protection Tape Furniture Sofa Scratch-Resistant Cat Training Tape

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1. Casting tape is strong and durable: scratch-proof tape and is specially designed for cute furry pet cats. It adopts a durable silicone adhesive, totally hypoallergenic, safe for pets, and harmless to the surface.

2. This is an effective anti-scratch pet product: to protect your furniture so that you can train your pets not to scratch the surface of them. This product with one-sided adhesive can effectively prevent your pets from scratching your expensive furniture.

3. Invisible Protection: Our transparent sticky tape provides a clean, fairly impeccable way to protect your furniture from pet scratches.

4. Easy to operate and convenient for surface protection: Durable adhesives are bonded to most surfaces such as suede, leather, artificial leather, dyed wood vinyl plastics, and bricks.



1. This is a dog Pet sofa protection tape S code.

2. DIY and unlimited application, protect your sofa, doors, stairs, car seats, and other precious surfaces.


Brand Name: None
Type: Cats
Material: PVC
Name: Cat anti-scratch tape
Material: PVC
S: 3 meters in length and 6.35 cm in width
M: length 5 meters, width 6.35 cm
L: length 10 meters, width 6.35 cm
Scope of application: wood, carpet, tile, leather
Package Included: 1*Tape