Durable Acrylic Dome For Backyard Fence/Pet House for Dogs

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DISCOURAGE FENCE JUMPING – Dogs often jump fences or dig holes out of simple curiosity. A pet window lets them look up and down the street, keeping an eye on everything that happens. Giving them an outlet for their interest in the world can help keep them inside the fence and stop them from digging as many holes.

REDUCE BARKING – If a stranger suddenly appeared in your living room, you'd probably yell! Dogs typically consider your yard their home, so the unexpected entrance of a regular guest such as the mail carrier causes barking. Letting your dog see up and down the street and get used to who is coming to visit can reduce barking.

MAKE YOUR DOG HAPPY – Being able to look around makes dogs happier. As curious pack animals, they love knowing what's going on in their home and the neighborhood. At 5in deep, this dog fence window is suitable for large and small dogs alike – just adjust the height to give your pet the best view.

SPACE DOGS MAKE THE BEST PETS – As well as the clear acrylic pet window dome, that will make anyone, human or animal, who looks through the window look like a tiny astronaut. It's great fun and will give you and your neighbors a laugh every time you see it.

KIDS LOVE PET WINDOWS – Imagine walking to school past a canine astronaut! Kids love seeing dogs looking out of their pet windows, and it's a safe way for them to interact as there's no contact. Kids also love looking out pet windows, and they can stop them from digging holes in your lawn or jumping the fence too...

Satisfy your curious pet with this pet peek window. Let them worry less about what's out of the fence. It can help stop dogs from jumping the fence, keep them, and passerby safe. The window is made from 0.15-inch thick acrylic, is easily cleaned by simply wiping it. Comes with the necessary hardware for easy installation into your wooden fence. Measures outer diameter 12.5 inches, inner diameter 9.8 inches, and 4.69 inches deep.

Brand Name: None
Model Number: Dog Fence Window
Material: Other
Type: Dogs