Hay Bag Hanging Feeder Sack Holder for Rabbit & Small Animals

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1. Convenient feeding design: Our machine washable rabbit hanging hay manager bag is made of cotton fabric, just put the hay from the top and fix it in the cage, provide a mess-free way for your small animals to enjoy the amount of hay that they need.

2. Reduce trouble and minimize waste: Keep a generous supply of hay in a clean and organized bag style feeder, help reduce hay waste and protect it from urine or feces, allow to keep the cage area clean and fresh.

3. Easy to clean: Detachable, machine washable, saving time, and ensuring hygienic safety.

4. Cage accessories: The hay hold manage feeder bag allows you to attach to almost any cage. Any the hay bag features convenient snap closures. Simply pull straps through the cage and snap-on, keep it secure to the cage.

Model Number: FC02038
Material: Polyester