Hot 50pcs Natural Terminalia Catappa Leaves Dried Leaves for Fish Tank Aquarium

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All-natural, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Perfect for fish tank aquarium. Add these leaves into water and you will see breeding betta, tetra, guppy, gourami, platies, and molly laying their eggs over the nest. It may turn the water black firstly but create an environment similar to their natural habitat. Helps impart color to fish and make their skin firmer. Easy to use, just drop a few leaves into your tank. Remove them when the leaves start to disintegrate.


Material: Leaves

Size: Approx. 18x10cm / 7.09x3.94inch (Irregular Shape)

Quantity: 10pcs Package

Includes: 10 Pieces Terminalia Leaves

Brand Name: None
Model Number: Natural Terminalia Catappa Foetida Leaves