Mini Fish Tank Aquarium Betta Box Transparent Arcylic Fish Breeding Box Double Guppies Hatching Double Layer Incubator

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Good quality acrylic material, delicacy handcraft. Use the good quality super white transparent acrylic material, high transparent. The most suitable for fighting fish. A drainage hole at the bottom of the tank for a water change easily for fighting fish It can be used for culturing the fry, separating from the sick fish, protecting the fry and little fish. Noctilucent nontoxic imitated plants can absorb the light in the day and has a beautiful noctilucent effect at night.

Brand Name: MUQGEW
Type: fish
Weight: 230g
Aquariums Type: Aquariums
Volume: 1.5L
Material: Plastic
Model Number: fish separation breeding box
Item name: Fish Breeding Box
Aquarium Breeding Box: Mini Fish Tank
Double Guppies Hatching: Aquarium Accessories