Black Pet Mesh With Leash (Small Animal Vest) for Hamster, Rabbit & Bunny

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1. Made of hard-wearing mesh material and nylon.

2. Comfortable to wear due to soft padding.

3. Soft harness with a leash.

4. Designed for small rabbits, such as rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, hamsters, rats, mice, etc.

Material: Mesh fabric,Cotton Blend
Model Number: H90182
Feature 1: rabbit collar
Feature 2: rabbit
Feature 3: harnais pour lapin
Feature 4: harnais lapin
Feature 5: correa conejo
Feature 6: conejo
Feature 7: konijn
Feature 8: conejos
Feature 9: coelho
Feature 10: arnes conejo