Pet Cat Health Detection For Feline Panleukopenia Virus FPV

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This test paper is specially designed for detecting cats whether they infect Feline Panleukopenia Virus Can use serum, plasma, or whole blood, Highly accurate results within 10 minutes.



Collect cat-eye secretions, nasal fluids, and saliva with a cotton swab.

If it is serum or plasma, you can use a dropper and keep it in cold storage if it is not used on that day. When the test is carried out, it should be fully placed in the room temperature environment so that the temperature of the subject matter is consistent with the room temperature before the test is carried out.

After fully collecting and preparing the test substance with the sampling stick, put the buffer in the test tube for proper dissolution.

Open the drop cover and drop 3-4 drops at the test gate of the reaction plate. After dropping the test substance, wait until the test substance is fully diffused, and then judge within 5-10 minutes.

Type: Cats
Voltage: none
Material: Health Test Paper
Item Type: Health Test Paper