PETFORU Betta fish Fighting Cylinder Rumble Fish Cylinder Mini Aquarium Building block fish tank

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▶100% brand new and high quality.

▶High quality plastic material, non-toxic, hard and durable.

▶Building block design, tanks can be stacked.

▶Multiple color choices to find the style that suits you

▶There is a hole on the side, so don't worry about the air not flowing.

▶Can release water, sand, etc, and will not leak.

▶No waste of space, mini size so it can be placed in the office, home, car, etc.

▶Suitable for fish, spiders, ants, reptiles, small pets.

--100% brand new and high quality.

--Rotary switch, easy to use, and operate.

--Five colors --Mini size

--Different colors make your pet and pet tanks more different. -

-Suitable for small pet tanks

Brand Name: PETFORU
Type: fish
Weight: 140g
Aquariums Type: Fish Bowls
Volume: other
Material: Plastic
Model Number: 2814414
Color: White, black, red, green, blue,
Product Size: 12*8*10.5cm
Packing: Carton Box
Package Content: 1 x Fish Tank