Breathable & Foldable Cage Tent Playpen (Exercise Fence) for Outdoor/Indoor

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Small Animal Playpen: Suitable for various small pets, such as hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, squirrels, bunny, mice, gerbils, reptiles, or other small animals, releasing them from a limited small cage and offering sufficient space for free movement.

Zippered Cover: Cats, puppies, and rabbits have the excellent leaping ability and can easily jump out. And this zippered cover solves the problem exactly, keeping your pets safe inside away from crawling out.

Transparent and Breathable Pet Playpen: Transparent nets design allows you to watch and interact with your pet at any time, also provides good ventilation. It can quickly create an interacting area between owners and pets. It is a place where pets play games.

Waterproof Bottom: The bottom base of this tent is made of 190T polyester taffeta fabric, waterproof and easy to clean, effectively prevent urine penetration, keeping your floor clean.

Easy Setup and Folding: Built-in flexible frame makes this tent automatically popped up in seconds, to create a playground for your pet, and effortlessly folded into super mini size to fit in your backpack, convenient to carry when you go out with pet

Brand Name: None
Material: Plastic
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