Washable Dog Puppy Band for Anti-harassment (Health Products)

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1. Material: double sides is waterproof material can prevent water leaking and is soft and comfortable and breathable strongly.

2.Dry: there is cotton to absorb water in the middle, which has the superabsorbent ability, and can lock moisture effectively.

3. Convenient: the use of super ma-gic stickers is convenient for dogs to wear and replace diaper and make dogs wear more comfortably. You can wash it in the machine. The ma-gic stickers have the high sticky.

4. Health: pet cotton physiological belt can prevent them to urinate in everywhere and be harassed. It is safe and hygiene.

5.Colors: you can choose between three colors. Everyone is bright and beautiful, and it will not let you and your pets feel disappointed.


Brand Name: None
Material: 100% Cotton
Season: Autumn/Winter
Type: Dogs
Pattern: Print